Bamboo trees plantation around Nyabarongo River and the establishment of progressive terraces on 180 hectares with agro forestry tree species contributed to the efficient protection of Nyabarongo river banks. Mr. Theophile DUSENGIMANA the LVEMP II project field manager in Kamonyi District highlights that the project successfully supported the environment safeguard and social welfare of the citizens.

While opening the district project coordination team held on 27th September 2017, Mr. Samuel MAJYAMBERE the advisor to the executive committee said the district will continue to ensure that Nyabarongo River banks are not damaged by the erosion, several times caused by human activities on surrounding hills.

The DPCT members discuss and decide on valorization; possibility of reallocation of funds to other agriculture inputs according to the suitability of the soil and the point of view of the community. The team discuss also on relining and maintenance of bamboos and progressive terraces (whole package) in order to finalize handover by November 2017.

Mr. Theophile Dusengimana said that during the project implementation, mining activities, grazing, illegal cropping of reeds and the agriculture buffer zone hindered the smooth implementation of the project.

As indicated by REMA portal, LVEMP II is a regional project aiming to address the social, economic and environmental impacts of environment degradation in the Lake Victoria Basin (LVB)-targeting all those who live in, and depend on the natural resources of LVB: fishers, fish traders, farmers and communities living in targeted degraded watersheds; among others. It is implemented in the five Partner States of the East African Community (EAC) namely Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda.



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